A full service PR consultancy, specialising in financial services.

Sharpe International for journalists

What we provide

We can provide journalists with opinions of knowledgeable spokespersons on topics such as:

  • striking market moves
  • decisions of
    central banks
  • trends in investing,
    and asset allocation
  • Developments in
    emerging markets
  • trends in the investment
    fund sector
  • active and passive investing
  • ESG and SRI
  • Investing for SME
    (Small and Medium sized Enterprises)
  • General events in the sphere
    of macro economics

Premier informational resource

On behalf of our clients we act as a premier informational resource for journalists. Our aim is to service journalists with content based useful input for articles and news items. Journalists are invited to call us and discuss articles they are working on.

We can offer specialist in all asset classes, including:

  • Fixed income
  • Equity
  • Real estate
  • Alternatives investments
  • All in active or passive mode

And across all regions:

  • Emerging markets
  • Europe, USA and other developed markets
  • Specific countries, regions and sectors

"Next To Doing The Right Thing, The Most Important Thing Is To Let People Know You Are Doing The Right Thing."

John D. Rockefeller